Spring 2002    
Chapters   Class Introduction

1. Crop Response to Nitrogen

Johnson Handouts
a. Calculating the mole fraction of NH4 in aqua ammonia

b. Nitrogen In Soils And Other Biological Systems

c. Soil 5813 Questions

d. Term Project on N Management

2. The Nitrogen Cycle

Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Comparison

N Nitrogen (2000)
N Nitrogen (1998)

3. Organic Matter and Carbon Sequestration

4. Essential Elements

5. Nitrogen Use Efficiency (Review)



Student Nutrient Cycles

First Hour Exam

Second Hour Exam

Statistical Applications

Magruder Plots, Nitrogen Balance following 109 years of continuous winter wheat



SPRING BREAK, March 18-22


6. Theoretical Applications

7.  Soil Testing

GVJ, Soil C:N

8. Biometrical Applications

9.  Radioisotopes





Class Discussion, 2 lb N / bu of wheat 

Topdressing and NUE