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2006 Class Project

Experiment 222 Data BASE
Experiment 502 Data BASE

222, Weather Data

Class Project

Influence of Weather, N, P, and K on Long-Term Winter Wheat Grain Yields

Literature Review

          1.  Overview of long-term wheat and corn experiments, findings, etc.

                   a.  value of long-term experiments (Lisa)

          2.  Influence of weather on long-term grain yields (wheat and corn) (Mike)

                   a.  use of models for explaining variability (Mike)

                   b.  other temporal variability papers (Kevin)

          3.  Influence of N on long-term grain yields (Clint)

          4.  Influence of P on long-term grain yields (Olga)

          5.  Influence of K on long-term grain yields (Travis)

          6.  Variability in yields, temporal, spatial (Jesus)

          7.  Use of weather data to predict yields (Kyle)

Data   1.  Experiment 222  (Starr)

          2.  Experiment 502


* need total grain N data added for 2005

a.  long-term treatment means (Lisa)

b.  response to applied N (Clint)

c.  response to applied P (Clint)

d.  response to applied K (Olga)

e.  interactions  (Kefyalew)





f.  stability analysis (Stewart)

g. other analysis, ideas. (Stewart, Kefyalew, Mike)

Weather Data: Raun


2005 Class Project Yield Potential

  • Leaf Color
  • Chlorophyll
  • NDVI
  • Plant Height (leaf length)
  • Canopy Temperature (F5, F7, F10)


  • Tiller Density
  • Seeding Density

Statistical Parameters 

  • CV
  • Standard Deviation


  • INSEY (days from planting to sensing/days, or growth rate per day)
  • Simple Ratio or (NIR/red)
  • Others

Physical Parameters

  • Soil Moisture (changes over time) 
  • Soil Texture (moisture holding capacity) 
  • Bulk Density

Soil Testing

  • N Availability (NH4-N, NO3-N) 
  • N Mineralization Potential
  • soil pH
  • Organic C, Total N