Thank you for visiting to learn more about Dr. Norman Borlaug.  Here you will find a selection of on-line articles about Dr.Norman Borlaug Borlaug and the organizations with which he is associated.  I encourage you to choose several articles to read so that you will know more about this man and his accomplishments.  I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to ask any questions you wish to Dr. Borlaug during this short visit.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope you will take advantage of.   
 BAE article, Dr. Borlaug
Here are several articles about Dr. Borlaug's accomplishments that led to his Nobel Peace Prize Award in 1970. 

"Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity"--Atlantic Monthly, January 1997. Highly recommended first read. 

Dr. Borlaug received the Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award from Oklahoma State University in 1984.

Dr. Borlaug's Nobel Prize Speech, December 1970



Here are several articles about Dr. Borlaug's current activities (at age 87!) 

"High Profile: Norman Borlaug"--Dallas, January 2001.  Excellent overview of the professional and personal Dr. Borlaug. 

The Sasakawa Africa Association.  A program aimed at defeating hunger and poverty in Africa.

"Billions Served"--Reason Magazine.  April 2000.  An interview with Dr. Borlaug.

The Carter Center--Sasakawa Global 2000. A joint program led by Dr. Borlaug and former President Jimmy Carter. 

CIMMYT--International Center for the Improvement of Wheat and Maize.  Founded by Dr. Norman Borlaug with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation

CGIAR--A system of non-governmental research organizations aimed at improving global food production


Check out these articles about current issues in global agriculture written by Dr. Borlaug

"Feeding a World of 10 Million People: The Miracle Ahead", Dr. Norman Borlaug

"The Green Revolution and the Road Ahead", Dr. Norman Borlaug on the 30th anniversary of his Nobel Prize.